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Why quality data is the critical ingredient for geospatial project success

Too many businesses still make the mistake of investing heavily in technology systems, while almost ignoring the data that powers their solutions and business decision-making.

Read the brand new eBook from the data experts at NationalMap to learn what to look out for when evaluating data quality, so that you can ensure that your projects, analysis and decision-making are always powered by the best available data.


NationalMap is the premier source of authoritative and comprehensive road, address, and location data for New Zealand businesses and organisations. With a heritage that stretches back almost 30 years as part of the Critchlow portfolio of geospatial products and solutions, NationalMap is now its own discrete business entity.

As a wholly New Zealand owned business, our singular focus today is on the provision of the highest quality, fit for purpose, geospatial and location data - flexible enough to be used in all platforms and viewers.