NationalMap Basemaps

Beautiful, precise, and intelligent basemaps that are ready to go, or available to be customised to your needs.

NationalMap Basemaps serves up New Zealand-wide standardised content that is updated on a monthly basis, giving you the confidence that the content you’re serving up is supported by the context behind it.

Fast performance enhances productivity and accessibility; and OGC compliance and IS0 9001:2015 quality-accredited maintenance processes ensure authoritative, seamless nationwide content.

With three stunning, clean designs ready to go, or the ability to be configured to your specific requirements, our basemaps ensure you get the uncluttered detail you want, how you want it, when you want it.

Why Basemaps?

Highly responsive
Highly responsive

Their fast, smooth performance enhances productivity

Easily customisable
Ready to use or easily customisable

Choose from four, pre-configured basemaps or let the NationalMap team create one just for you

Precise feature positioning
Precise feature positioning

Used with NationalMap data, the basemaps guarantee precise alignment

Beautiful design
Uncluttered, beautiful design

Allows users to emphasise their important data and findings

Customer Benefits

Basemaps Customer Benefits

Transform your routing data in a visual, geographically tangible environment.

Using accurate and consistent features to showcase your routing data gives you the confidence to back the content you’re presenting, as well as enabling you to better understand the impacts and benefits of your chosen routing.

Displaying the same transport network used for route calculations, and with a wide range of precisely mapped complementary features (including water bodies, built-up areas, retail areas, parks, schools, and hospital sites), NationalMap Basemaps offers up a comprehensive yet clean, visually appealing foundation for your data.

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Build assurance with a trustworthy solution that’s ready to go when you need it most.

In a critical event or situation, you need access to an accurate, reliable solution – one that’s available at the click of a button, offering trustworthy and standardised content that ensures greater transparency for everyone involved.

The content in NationalMap's Emergency Basemap is consistent across the whole of New Zealand and combines best-of-breed government and commercial datasets into a single, vertically integrated view. Stakeholders, decision makers, and responders have the ability to access a single source of truth that offers real situational awareness.

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Basemaps Customer Benefits

Deliver effective, cost efficient services based on authoritative content.

When the success of your business relies on the consistent, quick, and accurate delivery of your services, you want a reliable solution that enables this in the simplest, most cost-effective way possible.

The authoritative, intelligent, and detailed content of NationalMap Basemaps gives you immediate access to what you need – a standardised, dependable view of your customers, their locations, and how to reach them effectively. Customisable and incredibly user-friendly, the solution minimises time and resource, allowing you to focus on what’s important: running your business as successfully and simply as possible.

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Understand your industry sector and make better business decisions.

For retailers and service providers, the ability to make successful investment decisions and maximise profitability comes down to truly understanding their own locations, their competitors’ locations, and the surrounding areas and features.

NationalMap Basemaps offers exactly that. The ability to use it in conjunction with your own industry data, or with a customised dataset created by NationalMap specific to your needs, enables you to gain authentic insight into the parts of your industry sector that matter most, helping you achieve the outcomes and benefits you really want to see.

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Basemaps Customer Benefits

Delivery Method

Web Service

Web Service

NationalMap Basemaps are available in the format and projection of your choice. We have four beautiful, clean basemaps ready to access – Light, Colourful, Grey and Emergency Management – or we can work with you to configure a basemap that is specific to your needs. From there, we’ll send you the URL, and it’s all yours to pull through into the system or software of your preference.

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Reachmedia is NZ’s only unaddressed mail distribution specialists. We provide market-leading services such as Marketing Optimisation, Digital Retail and Operational Excellence.


We use Market Intelligence tools to assist customers with optimising their Marketing activity and to build effectiveness and return on investment. The Market Intelligence tools are enriched by NationalMap data, including points of interest in the vicinity of our customers’ sites, determining catchment areas, and creating targeted and optimised distribution plans, and more.

Dusan Matic, Market Intelligence Manager, Reachmedia

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