NationalMap Location Data

A unique mix of commercial and government-sourced data that is detailed, current, and easily accessible, delivering simple map layer management to GIS and CAD professionals.

NationalMap Location Data is a hybrid of precise New Zealand-centric contextual and points of interest (POIs) data, and site and administration boundaries. Offering up a wealth of information in a variety of formats, it gives you the opportunity to pull the data you need to complement your maps’ messages and designs, without the need to sift through layers and datasets, or find and fix data problems along the way.

And, because it’s available instantly on the NationalMap Data Service, you’ll benefit from enhanced productivity: the data you need is available then and there.

Why Location Data?

Data layers
Easy and ready to use data layers

Intelligently consolidated data layers available when you need them, no searching required

Various formats
Available in a variety of formats

Easily integrated with GIS and CAD systems in the format you want

Access to current, up-to-date data
Access to current, up-to-date data

NationalMap Data Service gives you continued access to automatic and frequent updates.

Free starter layers
Free starter layers

With the NationalMap Data Service delivery, you’ll get access to free starter layers including coastlines, lakes, rivers, cities, towns, topographic, and 2013 Census detail

Customer Benefits

Location Data Customer Benefits

Create informative, accurate maps quickly with concise data that’s ready to go.

When you’re working to a tight deadline on a map that requires in depth information from varying datasets in order to successfully convey a message, you don’t want to filter through hundreds of datasets to find what you need.

NationalMap Location Data merges together layers from unique NationalMap datasets, Topo50, Census2013, and NZ Administration boundaries, giving you access to unique layers of hospitals, health clinics, rest homes, airports, parks, community boundaries, schools, tertiary education, built-up area polygons, and many more at the click of a button.

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Successfully highlight your project and its impacts when submitting for resource consent.

To create a resource consent submission that will truly showcase your project area and its relationship to, and impact on, community facilities, you need to start with accurate, detailed data.

With pre-made map layers for parks, schools, preschools, hospitals, retail areas, and place names, as well as additional layers that provide data on population, dwellings, and much more, NationalMap Location Data gives you a comprehensive insight and understanding of your proposed project area and its surrounding community. Plus, it’s ready to go when you are, serving up the data you’re after right when you need it.

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Location Data Customer Benefits
Location Data Customer Benefits

Successfully manage distributed services amongst healthcare and education.

Perhaps you need to understand where the medical facilities are within a region and the services they offer; or oversight of various school development projects. True insight always starts with accurate, detailed data.

School and medical facility locations are correctly mapped and immediately available in NationalMap Location Data. They are updated as they need to be, and can easily be included in custom mapping systems and linked to detailed data about the facility.

Keep apps and websites current with access to frequently updated retail outlets.

As an app or web developer today, it shouldn’t be a battle staying up-to-date with changes to the retail networks of multiple companies. Having a single, consolidated supply of retail locations at hand can help you reduce time and money, and increase efficiency.

NationalMap Location Data offers accurate locations and data for retail outlets across New Zealand. By subscribing to the points of interest you need (like fuel stations, banks, supermarkets, medical centres, and many more), you have the choice to download the specific network updates every month, or whenever you need them.

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Location Data Customer Benefits

Delivery Methods

Here at NationalMap, we know that one size very rarely fits all, which is why we offer various delivery options. We want to make sure you’re getting the data you need as accurately and efficiently as possible, in the method that suits you best.

Customer Delivery
Custom Delivery
  • Best if: You want access to the full featured dataset.

    Our Custom Delivery method gives you the opportunity to access the entire dataset and pick and choose what you want – all delivered via your chosen method (DVD, USB, FTP, or Dropbox).

    And, because it’s a subscription-based service, you’ll automatically receive regular updates. NationalMap Custom Delivery subscribers also get access to the Subscriber and Free groups on NationalMap Data Service.

Data Service
Data Service
  • Best if: You want immediate access to location data online.

    NationalMap Data Service is our user-friendly, authoritative digital platform, with the latest updates in location data available to you if, and when, you need them.

    NationalMap Location Data is currently available on the platform for Free (demo data only) or we can work with you to customise a package with the data and pricing that suits you.

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As New Zealand’s leading digital services company, Spark has a powerful ambition: to unleash the potential in all New Zealanders through amazing technology. Spark operates the leading mobile network in New Zealand, and it’s critical that the company is continuously adapting to cope with the ever-increasing coverage and capacity demand.

Choosing the location of mobile towers is a complex task as it involves many factors such as construction costs, new suburb development, proximity to residential areas and various council restrictions. Our planning team uses NationalMap as it contains a lot of useful information such as terrain data, road networks, council boundaries, land parcels and NZ Statistics Census data. It is easy to use and it contains a lot of information that simplifies our job in choosing the best mobile tower location for Spark’s network.

David Yu, Principal RF Engineer, Spark Connect

Bluecurrent is a leading provider of advanced metering hardware and services. We provide innovative electricity and gas metering technology to approximately 1,000,000 homes and businesses throughout New Zealand.

Geographic referencing plays a significant part in our operational business. NationalMap provides Bluecurrent with various solutions to meet the geospatial requirements of our business and to ensure that we operate in a way that is consistent with our policies.

Dennis Clueard, Business Performance Manager, Bluecurrent

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