NationalMap's new Multimodal Routing Network For ArcGIS

NationalMap's new Multimodal Routing Network For ArcGIS (the Network) comes with two predefined travel modes (walking and driving) and offers up everything you need for your roading and routing projects.

The Network enables accurate estimation of journey times, with optimal routing for delivery efficiency and fleet management so that organisations can streamline their logistics operations. Used in conjunction with Routing/Drive-time software, the module allows for turn-by-turn directions to be provided to field staff or customers, as well as driving/walking distances and travel times to reach services/customers.  The routing data contained within the Network provides information on road types, surface, average speeds, direction, turn restrictions, as well as one-way streets and roundabout coding. 

Walking and driving travel modes in ArcGIS Navigator

Walking and Driving Travel modes in ArcGIS Navigator

Road attributes included as standard 

  • Name 
  • Hierarchy
  • Tunnel, Ford, Bus only, and SH flags
  • Roundabouts
  • Surface 
  • Driving speed
  • Travel time
  • Direction of travel for one-way streets
  • Lane count
  • Height, weight, & width restrictions (where published by RCA)
  • Toll road flag
  • Turn restrictions
  • Walking speed 

Also available as custom supply

  • Alternative naming
  • Legal Speed Limit
  • Road Legality
  • Address ranges
  • 50Max
  • HPMV

Download the Multimodal Routing Network datasheet

Why choose NationalMap's new Multimodal Routing Network For ArcGIS?

The Network provides a fully navigable road network of comprehensive layers and datasets. Standardised road names and abbreviations minimise the risk of confusion or mislabelling and the richness of the road attributes supports very accurate, and realistic, road travel modelling. 

The Network is updated monthly following an extensive QA process, with a roadmap for 2024 that includes the addition of a cycle routing mode, as well as GTFS data to create a public transport travel mode.


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