Comprehensive National Address Register (CNAR)

Delivering better business intelligence to your customers. NationalMap's Comprehensive National Address Register (CNAR) is New Zealand’s trusted source for aggregated address points linked to roads and place names. 

The CNAR database is the authoritative source for address points in New Zealand. CNAR brings together addressing and location information from many agencies and is provided to users in a consistent format. It provides unparalleled data accuracy, and is widely recognised as the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date New Zealand addressing data. It is trusted by many global and local companies where accuracy is critical to their business. Engineered with spatial accuracy and business integration in mind, CNAR is the essential reference source for all address validation, geocoding and reverse-geocoding solutions. 

With the power of CNAR in your solution, organisations can: 

  • Analyse existing customer locations to find and target customers better
  • Determine eligibility for service or allocation of pricing zones
  • Determine the best places to locate your products, service outlets and distribution points
  • Assess risk based on customer location and proximity to hazards
  • Make smarter decisions about the allocation of sales territories and case loads.
Download the CNAR datasheet



Do your customers undertake mapping or location-based analysis? Do they have addresses that are unable to be geocoded? Do you need to provide a geocoding solution that offers a single, complete reference file of New Zealand addresses? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” – you need the Comprehensive National Address Register (CNAR). 

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