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Some of New Zealand’s best known organisations trust NationalMap data to help them innovate and excel.



Reachmedia is NZ’s only unaddressed mail distribution specialists. We provide market-leading services such as Marketing Optimisation, Digital Retail and Operational Excellence.

We use Market Intelligence tools to assist customers with optimising their Marketing activity and to build effectiveness and return on investment. The Market Intelligence tools are enriched by NationalMap data, including points of interest in the vicinity of our customers’ sites, determining catchment areas, and creating targeted and optimised distribution plans, and more.

Dusan Matic, Market Intelligence Manager, Reachmedia

As New Zealand’s leading digital services company, Spark has a powerful ambition: to unleash the potential in all New Zealanders through amazing technology. Spark operates the leading mobile network in New Zealand, and it’s critical that the company is continuously adapting to cope with the ever-increasing coverage and capacity demand.

Choosing the location of mobile towers is a complex task as it involves many factors such as construction costs, new suburb development, proximity to residential areas and various council restrictions. Our planning team uses NationalMap as it contains a lot of useful information such as terrain data, road networks, council boundaries, land parcels and NZ Statistics Census data. It is easy to use and it contains a lot of information that simplifies our job in choosing the best mobile tower location for Spark’s network.

David Yu, Principal RF Engineer, Spark Connect





Vector Advanced Metering Services (Vector AMS) is a leading provider of advanced metering hardware and services. We provide innovative electricity and gas metering technology to approximately 1,000,000 homes and businesses throughout New Zealand.

Geographic referencing plays a significant part in our operational business. NationalMap provides AMS with various solutions to meet the geospatial requirements of our business and to ensure that we operate in a way that is consistent with our policies.

Dennis Clueard, Business Performance Manager, Vector AMS

Fonterra is a global nutrition company owned by 10,500 farmers and their families, united by a fundamental belief in the power of dairy to make a difference. Moving milk from our farms to our factories is a 24x7 process and our fleet management system is central to smooth operations. We rely heavily on NationalMap data to design and maintain our truck routes. From speed limits, to turn restrictions, to bridge weight restrictions, NationalMap’s accurate data layers enable us to determine the most efficient and safest routes for our trucks.

Nigel Nichols, Analyst, Fonterra Co-operative Group





New Zealand’s largest print and distribution company, PMP Limited, drives effective promotions by understanding our customers’ target markets and creating, printing and using the right channel to deliver marketing collateral that communicates to these audiences.

The health and safety of our employees is paramount as each year our 5,500+ letterbox advertising and community newspaper deliverers walk over 75,000km to deliver over 750 million items. We need to ensure a safe and efficient environment which is beneficial for both the deliverers and PMP clients and NationalMap’s data gives us the tools to assist with this.

Judy Curson, Distribution Network Structure Manager, PMP Limited

EnviroWaste Services Limited provides waste management services to residential and commercial customers throughout New Zealand. We use NationalMap for tendering for contracts, using road and land parcels in a range of ways to formulate our tender bid. Having accurate and up-to-date information is critical to our tender process and when the tender is won, we take this information and create effective routing solutions to use in our electronic routing system.

Matt Carter, Fleet IT Coordinator, EnviroNZ

JLL New Zealand provides real estate expertise in a variety of assets including industrial, commercial, retail, residential, and hotels. We use NationalMap data to assist our clients in making superior property and location-based decisions that helps drive our business as a market leader.

Lisa Chen, Senior Research Analyst, JLL New Zealand

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