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About OceanaGold

OceanaGold is a multinational metals producer with global operating, development and exploration concerns.  Their operating assets include mines in the Philippines, the United States of America, as well as mines in both the North and South Island of New Zealand. 

The gold, copper and silver they produce are essential to the renewable energy and transport sectors, life-saving medical devices and technology that connects our communities.

The Problem

In the South Island, OceanaGold operates the Macraes mine in Otago, which consists of open pit and underground operations, while in the North Island, the Waihi Gold Mine is now an entirely underground operation.  They also have licences for exploration in several locations across New Zealand.

Mining and exploration is a complex business and the successful management of their operations relies heavily on highly accurate geospatial, topographical and cadastral data.  Adding further complexity to their operations, OceanaGold often lease some of the land they own back to local farmers for grazing until such time as they need the ground for active mining operations.

The Goal

Properly understanding the terrain, location, boundary extents, leasehold and ownership interests in their areas of operation and exploration are critical to OceanaGold enjoying successful partnerships and creating profitability for all stakeholders.

Having the most up-to-date and accurate data available is key, but also in a format that allows OceanaGold to use that data “out of the box”, without hours of manual manipulation, so they can reach peak efficiency in their business operations.

The Challenge

Geospatial and property data is a very specialised area. Cadastral data in particular can be extremely convoluted. Understanding and visualising the geographic boundaries and extents of land parcels is one thing, linking those land parcels to other records describing the nature of the interests, the ownership or control of those interests is quite another.

At the highest level, the boundary data that OceanaGold works with is often split into individual land parcels that can have a number of ownership points.  This complexity around ownership (or control of interest) where OceanaGold have leased land back to local farmers needs careful management and monitoring.  It is critical that they understand any changes, so that their operations are not negatively impacted and so that partnerships with leaseholders and land owners remain successful for all parties.

Changes to ownership on land adjoining their holdings can also have impacts for OceanaGold that need to be effectively managed. Understanding all of these changes in a timely manner helps the business work with its partners and neighbours productively.

OceanaGold are also deeply committed to responsible mining that leaves a positive legacy every day. This includes the way they develop and operate mines and their dedication to sound environmental stewardship. 

OceanaGold needed accurate, feature rich, geospatial, topographical and hydrological data and basemaps that would enable them to meet and exceed their very high environmental standards and targets.  They also needed cadastral data provided in a format that would allow them to quickly and easily perform the analysis required to underpin and drive their operations.

The Solution

OceanaGold choose NationalMap data to power their decision making.  This is because NationalMap allows them to get all of the geospatial and cadastral data they require from one trusted source, without the need for constant inhouse curation, maintenance and quality control.

NationalMap’s precise topographical and hydrological data assists the business daily in its environmental management practices. With the latest data on new roads and roading realignments, NationalMap also enables OceanaGold to effectively manage any impacts that these changes may have on business operations.

When OceanaGold approached NationalMap about their ideal requirements for the provision of cadastral data, the data team at NationalMap worked to make this happen. Soon after, OceanaGold received customised quarterly updates, with appended attribute data, that allows them to more effectively support their business requirements around reporting, scenario planning and the completion of complex resource consent applications.

The Result

The accuracy of NationalMap geospatial data allows OceanGold to have confidence in all their planning, analysis and reporting and has done since 2005.  The ability to be able to receive customised data to their exact requirements creates efficiencies for the business, saving them hours of time that would otherwise be spent on data cleansing and manipulation. 

This has freed up the business to spend time on activities that add value and help drive the future growth and success of OceanaGold.

“OceanaGold have been a NationalMap customer for over 15 years.  That’s because we trust the data and really appreciate and benefit from their responsiveness and ability to deliver customised solutions to our data needs.”

Heather Petry, Senior GIS/Database Geologist, OceanaGold

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