Announcing the release of our new Multimodal Routing Network

Mar 11, 2024 12:24:39 PM / by Andrew Smith

MMRN blog hero image (new size)

I’m very pleased to announce the release of NationalMap's latest routing product, the Multimodal Routing Network For ArcGIS.

What sets our new Multimodal Network apart is not just its two predefined travel modes - driving AND walking - but its ability to integrate seamlessly with ESRI's ArcGIS Network Analyst.

It provides everything you need to optimise your planning and transport operations, all with the unparalleled accuracy and currency you’ve come to expect from NationalMap data.

The richness of the road attribute data includes; road types, surfaces, turn restrictions, average drive speeds, direction, height, weight and width restrictions (and more) as standard.  

And, if you’re looking for more customised data, then it is also available as a bespoke supply, offering properties such as; alternative naming options, legal speed limits, address ranges, road legality and HPMV.

Used alongside routing/drive-time software, the Multimodal Network offers turn-by-turn directions and travel times to reach service destinations or customers. In addition, because it is built on accurate elevation data, our Multimodal Network delivers realistic times for different terrains, supporting very accurate road travel modelling (as well as walking times).

All of this is offered with regular MONTHLY updates, all done by our team of local geospatial data experts to ensure accuracy and continuous improvement.

Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all, is the 2024 road map we have planned for the Multimodal Network. This will include the addition of a cycle routing mode, as well as GTFS data for a public transport travel mode - so stay tuned!

Check out the new product webpage for more details.