Forbes sees AI & location intelligence as guiding the future of business

Jun 25, 2020 1:48:22 PM / by Andrew Smith



As New Zealand's premier provider of geospatial data, it’s worth taking note when business titan Forbes publishes op eds on how they see the future of business being driven by a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and location intelligence.

More and more, business executives are beginning to understand that AI and machine learning requires “real-world context” to connect AI with the physical world, and that connection is through geospatial data.

AI machine learning paired with accurate geospatial data creates powerful next generation location intelligence that enables enhanced trend-spotting, site selection, risk and asset management, among a myriad of other business applications.

While machine learning and AI manages the volume and complexity of data, location intelligence gives that data the crucial context of “where”. By applying that capability to their customer data, AI and location intelligence can unlock patterns and trends that help businesses better understand their markets and customer behaviour.

The question of where to site a store, for example, or generate smart routes for drivers, with turn-by-turn directions for the quickest, safest path to a destination.

By using location intelligence in combination with AI machine learning, businesses can benefit from sophisticated pattern recognition, classification and prediction, meaning their business decision making is truly taken to the next level.

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