The best laid plans of mice, men and public servants…

Jun 9, 2021 8:25:00 AM / by Andrew Smith

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The last year or so has certainly managed to have been both unsettling and uncertain for almost everyone.

While New Zealand has been extremely fortunate in avoiding the worst of the pandemic from a health perspective, to say that it’s otherwise been “business as usual” is quite categorically not the case.

Businesses require a good degree of certainty for optimal performance, particularly when it comes to planning for investment, starting new projects and accurate forecasting. Being perfectly frank, it’s been a challenging time for anyone in business to just keep things running.

While the public sector has different drivers and pressures to the private sector, clearly planning and day to day operations and projects will have been severely impacted also.

The 30th of June is the public sector financial year-end

With the public sector financial year-end of 30 June fast approaching, the massive disruption and chaos that Covid-19 has wrought on all of our best laid plans will now be being acutely felt by public sector budget holders and executives.

Not only will they be pondering how to plan for next year (after the year we’ve all had) but also how to best deploy budget for what remains of this financial year.  

Many projects that were planned for 2020, will have been mothballed, but many 2020 projects are actually now just starting (or re-starting). It’s enough to give the most experienced project managers, CFO’s and administrators a real headache.

At NationalMap, we’ve worked with a hugely diverse range of clients over the years and one thing our clients have always appreciated is our ability and willingness to provide data solutions that fit their project requirements. This flexibility extends to how the data is licensed for use, whether that is on an ongoing subscription basis or as a discrete project license.

A discrete project license from NationalMap has the benefit of being able to be charged once (inside one financial year) but have the data available for use until the project is completed (often across financial years).

If you’re a public sector executive looking to apply outstanding budget to an ongoing GIS project within this financial year, then get in touch with us today to understand how NationalMap can help optimise your project planning and financing.  

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