It’s always made sense to “buy local” when it comes to procuring accurate GIS data

Jul 3, 2020 10:17:06 AM / by Derek Love, Data Lead

Panmure Bus Interchange

The ongoing development at Auckland's Panmure bus interchange – left showing previous layout, on previously available aerial photos and right the new layout on the latest satellite imagery

With the Prime Minister urging us all to “buy local” it has really hit home for me that this maxim has always made sense if you want highly accurate and fit for purpose geospatial data.

To me, the foundations of fit for purpose GIS datasets are:

  • Place - is it in the right location?
  • Currency - when was it last checked and updated?
  • Accuracy - is attribution standardised and without error?
  • Completeness – does the dataset have national coverage? 

NationalMap have been New Zealand’s locally owned geospatial data specialists for nearly 30 years which means we have the above down to a fine science.

Which is just as well, because in our ever changing world the GIS data that represents it is also ever changing and dynamic. Without careful consideration and maintenance what might initially seem like a tolerably small amount of errors (or inaccuracies) are multiplied and compounded and when combined with other datasets the outcomes produced can’t be relied on for truly informed decision making.

At NationalMap, we actively maintain and improve the data every day so it remains fresh and current and the most accurate representation of “real world” New Zealand that you can get. 

One of the ways we do this is through regular change detection using the very latest satellite imagery.  Not something you can say for a number of geospatial data businesses that currently operate in New Zealand, but then we are the only locally owned data specialists dedicated solely to the New Zealand market…

And, because we are locals, one of our biggest strengths has always been our ability to quickly respond to our customer requests. If the real world isn’t playing fair and you need an update…..send us a request….it gets done. 

We work for (and side by side) with our customers, so when a pain point arises, we will be right there to sort it out for you.

If you need New Zealand's most accurate and fit for purpose geospatial data to help your business thrive, then do as the Prime Minister suggests  - “buy local” and give us a call today.